August 2018 News

New Foundations Groups in the Kaindu Chiefdom

Foundations Zambia Mkushi,with support from Kasempa Foundations for Farming champions, had the opportunity to train community members in the Kaindu Chiefdom from 7th – 14th August. Kaindu is located to the North of Mumbwa Town, bordering the Kafue River and National Park. In partnership with the Kashokoto Conservancy Limited, a total of 82 attended the trainings, six Foundation Groups were formed, and group leaders chosen, in the three communities of Mpusu, Kalwanyambe and Kafikamo.

The people’s expectations were exceeded, as many heard for the first time God’s approach to farming as seen in nature. When the management principles of doing things on time, at high standard, without wastage and with joy were taught most of them acknowledged why they struggle to make profits. There was great zeal to immediately form Foundations Groups to start working together in implementing the knowledge, which they learnt.

We witnessed the participants realizing that without laying a strong foundation on Christ, whatever they embarked on could not bring abundance. The people were very receptive and they reported that their highlights were:

Learning how nature relates to farming

The relative ease of  Foundations for Farming basins  compared to the larger CF basins, which most of them have failed to implement.

The potential to produce enough for a family of 6 on a pfumvudza plot, which far out weighs yields on their large portions of land.

How ploughing destroys soils compared to minimum tillage as seen from our hands-on soil demonstrations

The need to be faithful with what God has given them and how to use it to glorify God.

Field Preparations

Have you started digging your holes and mulching your fields?  It would be easy to assume that there is still plenty of time before the rains, it’s too early to start thinking about planting stations! However, this is the best time to start these preparations for many reasons.  First, time is on our side!  That means that with only a few hours each day you can prepare all of your fields on time.  Working now means avoiding joyless all-day digging in the future!  Second, it is not very hot yet so the work will not be as difficult as it is in October and November.  Third, you still have time to properly plan your fields and prepare for the compost and seed needed for this season.  It is a trap to think that there is “always tomorrow” for such crucial steps.  Start today so your fields can reflect the management principles and be a testimony to God’s glory.

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for our Interns that they will be faithful with their knowledge as they learn more about Jesus and farming.
  • Pray for these new Foundations Groups in Kaindu as they get started.
  • Praise for safe travels for our trainers that traveled a long way to train in Kaindu

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