Praise, Prayer and up-coming events!

Prayer & Praise

  • Pray for our Interns and local farmers to prepare well in advance for planting with the rains
  • Pray for our travels and visits with farmers we have trained this year and praise for the save travels for the visits we have already done.
  • Pray for the new ideas we are starting to implement
  • Pray for other Centres of Excellence to shine for Jesus in their areas

Upcoming events

Inspire Zambia 2018

Mark your calendars!  16-20 April 2018 

Johann van der Ham from Foundations for Farming Malawi will be teaching God’s perspective on money and launching the Crown Money Map resource as part of the vision of Foundations for Finance in Zambia.

We will also be having our usual focus on farming and we are busy expanding our Centre of Excellence model farm with the hope of having lots of new things to share. 


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