Foundations for Family


Foundations for Family is an initiative to make God’s plan for family life joyfully central to church life and programmes. Building family life is essential for community transformation and poverty alleviation. We want to celebrate the beautiful transforming power of family in the plan of God.

God’s ideal for family is a strong marriage relationship between a man and a woman as the centre of an extended family network. The Five Family Values sum up God’s plan for family in all cultures and for all time. Churches beginning Foundations for Family are encouraged to do a sermon series on the Five Family Values to give a common understanding of God’s plan for family life and relationships. The Five Family Values are:

  • Everyone in Family
  • Committed Couples
  • Valued Children
  • Sexual Purity
  • Christ Centred

While the Foundations for Family course encourages you to start with a sermon series, or small group study on the Five Family Values, it’s good to understand that Foundations for Family involves much more than that. A short series can be powerful, but it is not going to transform church family life in the long-term. Therefore, Foundations for Family supply the tools and resources needed to help promote family in your church and disciple people in God’s heart for family over a much longer-term.

Foundations for Family was developed by a Zimbabwe based ministry called Family Impact. It partners with Foundations for Farming in many of its trainings and programmes.