Fertilizer vs Compost station

At this station we are comparing chemical fertilizer with compost. We marked out different sections, for some we put D compound fertilizer while in others, we substituted the basal fertilizer with compost. We monitored the growth of these crops and added urea top dressing to both crops at the recommended time. In the end we noticed that the yields were similar. The highest harvest for the fertilizer section was 43.5kg of maize while in the compost sections the highest harvest was 43.3kg. Interestingly in the fertilizer section there was a waste of 115 rotten cobs and in the compost section there was only 56 wasted cobs. This is a difference of 59 cobs.

In this comparison we discovered that it is more economically viable to use compost rather than fertilizer because the production cost is reduced to almost half without the basal fertilizer to obtain a similar yield. Compost helps to regenerate the soil and enhancing the yields long-term while chemical degrade the soil decreasing the yields long-term.

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