October 2018 News

Basic Internship Course

This year we made some changes to our internship programme in order to best serve the young people in the area villages.  The biggest change we made was to break our year into two internship courses: a three-month Basic Course and a nine-month Advanced Course.  We designed the teaching in the Basic Course to cover all the foundational teachings of Foundations for Farming and the Gospel.  They covered all of the Foundations for Family course and most of the Foundations for Finance course.  The Basic Course started with 12 young people and 10 of them returned for the Advances Course this week as they have shown faithfulness in their learning and field preparations at home.
If you are interested in sponsoring an intern for the Advanced Course, please get in touch!

Field Preparations

Farmers should aim to finish their digging by the end of September so that in October they can start applying lime and finish gathering mulch.
In Zambia, our soils are generally acidic and, on top of this, years of poor farming practice can make old fields a very unpleasant environment for plants to grow in. The most common way to reduce acidity is to apply lime or ash to the soil. Reducing the acidity of the soil is a crucial first step of redeeming our land as it means the plants are more able to take up the nutrients which are in the soil, compost or fertiliser.

October is also the time to prepare and plant tree seedlings which can be transplanted at the beginning of the rains. A fantastic tree to plant is the Faiderbia albida (also known as Musangu or ‘the fertiliser Tree’)This tree sheds its leaves in the rainy season; for this reason, it is highly valued in agroforestry as it can grow among field crops without shading them. The leaves from this legume tree are high in nitrogen, and can increase yields in maize crops.

Prayer & Praise

  • Pray the interns will be faithful with their new outlook on life, whether or not they continue on in the Advanced Course.
  • Pray for us as we continue to seek new and appropriate opportunities for former and current interns to sustain themselves.

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