June News

Wow!  We are standing amazed at all the ways God has shown his love, mercy and faithfulness to us in the past few weeks.  We have been busy hosting a variety of people lately!  Here are some snapshots:

National Training

We were able to use our training centre for the first time to host our National Training participants in late May into June.  30 people came from all over Zambia to learn more about Jesus, Foundations for Farming principles, conservation farming, and connect with a broader network of farmers.  It was a lot of work as we learned about all the ways our centre is still in need of finishing but our guests were very gracious.  Please pray for them as they go back, put these new ideas into practice and teach others.

Grow Vegetables Training

The first week of June, we teamed up with Chengelo Training Farm to teach 24 farmers from Samfya about Foundations for Farming principles and vegetables.  we had a wonderful time sharing with them what Jesus teaches about faithfulness, giving, and our lives being centred on Him.  They had a great experience learning about growing vegetables under drip irrigation with Starling Chipanga (Chengelo Training Farm Garden Supervisor). They have returned to their drip irrigation project led by Water4 and are already seeing some success from improved methods of farming but they are battling with poor soils.  Please pray for them to be farmers that glorify God with all their lives and for God to redeem the poor soils as they follow His principles of stewardship. We will visit them later in the year to teach about maize and soya growing.

Newcastle City Church Short-term team

As the Grow Vegetables training participants left, we welcomed 10 visitors from Newcastle.  City Church has a long relationship with the Framptons and Foundations Zambia and this is their second team they have sent to serve alongside us.  This group of young people were a huge encouragement to us as they learned, served, and built relationships with those in our community.  One of the best parts about their visit was the time they spent with our interns in their homes and fields.  Our interns had the opportunity to really share their lives and work with the team, making a lasting impact for all of them.  Please pray for these new friends of ours as they go back to life in the UK as more globally minded people.  Pray that they will follow after the plans God has for them and know how to apply the things God has taught them while they were in Zambia.

A New Season

It is now winter and many of our fields are brown with a lovely blanket of mulch from this year’s crops.  We are harvesting and drying maize, groundnuts, beans, sunflowers, popcorn and more.  We are also saying goodbye to this past year’s interns.  We have so enjoyed the journey through this past year with them.  More to come on their graduation and send off in the next post.

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