Interns Graduation

Congratulations Interns!

We cannot say enough great things about our most recent group of interns.  We have journeyed this year through many topics and events and all have gained a lot.  Thank you for joining us in praying for them and their learning.  Check out our facebook page for even more pictures!

A Song of Thanks

Rabecca, Winess, and a friend preformed a song for us during the ceremony.

The Gifts

Each of our graduates were presented with gifts as they graduated.  Most important- a Sharpie Marker to use in their fields to keep high standards!

The Jokers

Dan and Wisdom traded glasses for the certificate giving!  Doing things with Joy is something we take very seriously!

Friends and Family

It was an honour for us to meet friends and family members of our Interns and celebrate together as a big proud family!

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