April and May News

Inspire Zambia 2017

In April, we hosted what we previously called our ‘Champs conference.’  We changed the name this year to ‘Inspire Zambia’ because that was our true desire and goal for the week–to inspire those who are championing Foundations for Farming in Zambia to continue to glorify God and build His Kingdom through agriculture.  Soil and compost experts, Darryl and Hazel Edwards, joined us from the FfF head office in Zimbabwe to share vision, update us about the work going on in Harare and teach from their vast expertise.  Another change we made was to split the conference into two ‘tracks’–a leaders track for those leading FfF centres around Zambia, and a basic training track.  Over 60 people joined us for an awesome week of worship, testimonies, learning and encouragement. We learned about God’s incredible design in the soil and how farming His way complements that design and brings abundance.  Our interns were a big part of the training track–teaching lessons, acting out Bible passages and demonstrating the power of conservation agriculture. Some interns even gave conference delegates a tour of their own fields, highlighting the real-world impact of FfF.  All in all, Inspire Zambia 2017 was a huge success–glory to God!  A big thank you to all those who came or prayed for the event.  We are very encouraged by what God is doing in the FfF family in Zambia.  We hope to see you next year for Inspire Zambia 2018!

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