A lesson from our interns…

We hope you enjoy our third and final video of this series – this time from all of our current interns!

The founder of Foundations for Farming is Brian Oldreive. As Brian was starting the ministry he asked God “how can I help people come out of poverty?”. God’s answer was “Teach them to make a profit!”. It doesn’t sound very spiritual but its very important as we learnt last week’s video. Brian then asked God, “how can I teach people to make a profit? I can’t send them all to business school”. Again, God was gracious and answered him.

On Time – God created time and is always on time. The longest and shortest days of the year never change. In farming we must plant on time to achieve the best yields. Many people in Zambia plant a month late, because they did not plan or prepare their fields early enough.

At High Standard – God is a God of standards and cares about the details. Read about the plans he gave Noah for the Ark or Ezekiel for the Temple. We should be children of Standards too and we can glorify God through the way we work. In farming the higher the standards the higher the yields.

Without Wastage – in John 6:12 we read that After feeding the 5,000 Jesus said to his disciples to gather the pieces so that nothing may be wasted. Jesus doesn’t like wastage! By mulching the soil a farmer can reduce water run-off and soil erosion. In the EU nearly 1 billion tones of top soil is lost each year. If we lose our top soil we lose our ability to produce food sustainably.

With Joy – Nehemiah 8v10 ”The Joy of the Lord is our strength”. We need a positive attitude to our work to do it well and when we do it well and see the result we have joy and hope to continue. God is the the God of hope. Poverty has a spiritual root. People trapped in poverty are trapped in a spiritual sense of despair and hopelessness. Only Jesus can break through that despair, not money, science or new way of farming. Which is why Jesus is the Foundation of Foundations for Farming. All the teachings come from Him and point to Him as the true Lord and Saviour we all need to follow.

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