A lesson from Wanslous…

Last week we shared with you a video by Winess Nalungwe on Giving. This week, Wanslous Nchima, who was an intern at Foundations Zambia in 2017-18 and is now one of our Junior Trainers will share a quick lesson with you on ‘Profit’

Jesus taught in the parable of talents that those who are faithful will be given more and have an abundance and if we give unselfishly we will receive back abundantly. God wants his children to have an abundance to support their families and care for others. In business we call abundance profit. The poor have a very special place in God’s heart and so if the Body of Christ can be productive and profitable in their work we will have resources to meet the felt needs in our communities.

If farmers in Zambia don’t make a profit in their business they end up in poverty. There are so few jobs available the only way they can survive is begging from friends or family or stealing. Our identity in God is not one of beggars or thieves. We were not created to be Takers but Givers. We were created in the image of our Father who is a generous giver. Therefore, Foundations Zambia has the joy of teaching people about their true identity in Christ and practically equipping them to fulfil it.

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