Pfumvudza orchard

Here we have a demo plot of how to set up a phumvudza orchard which has got a mixture of fruit trees spaced out correctly according to their size. A pfumvudza orchard consists of a variety of fruit trees that helps to improve food security. A variety of fruit trees also reduces disease risk. The importance of using mulch and compost is to prevent weeds, improve moisture and nutrients in the soil. It is possible to plant some crops in-between the trees, for example cash crops like chilies or cover crops to improve the soil and provide mulch for the trees.

For large fruit trees like Mango, Loquat, Lichi, Macadamia trees need a spacing of 5 meters between rows and 5 meters between trees. Medium trees such Guava, Avocado, Mulberry, Citrus (lemons, oranges, nartjies), Fig, Banana trees need a spacing of 3.5 meter between rows and 3.5 meters between trees. Small trees such as Pawpaw(papaya), Pomegranate and Peach trees need a spacing of 3.5 meters between rows and 2 meters between trees.

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